A charitable organisation is warning that a new round of Health Service Executive funding cuts will result in the closure of essential services for people with intellectual disabilities, forcing them back into institutions.

The HSE had originally sought €2m in cost savings this year, this figure includes savings secured by not filling vacant posts. However, acting head of the charity, Anne Geraghty said the HSE is now seeking additional cuts of €2m.

In a statement, the HSE says it hopes to ensure that frontline services are not affected.

The Brothers of Charity in Galway has rejected suggestions by the HSE that the cuts might be confined to administrative functions and also warns that job losses are on the cards.

The charity provides community-based services to over 1,000 people in Galway with intellectual disabilities, about half are children.

It has an annual budget of €51m.

It warns that if these latest cuts are implemented, home-based support for care-givers and community houses would close within two weeks.

An emergency board meeting is to be held by the charity in Galway tomorrow night, with a meeting of service users’ families and staff to take place on Tuesday.