The legislation which enables the HSE to hand over documents to the Minister for Health and Children for an investigation into the deaths of children in care has passed all stages in the Dáil.

The vote was 93-47 after the Labour Party voted with the Government side.

The Opposition had criticised the fact that the HSE will now pass the files on to the Minister and not directly to the review group itself.

Minister for Children Barry Andrews told the Dáil that he had set up the review and that it would be ridiculous not to facilitate the two-person group in getting the documents they seek.

The opposition also objected to the fact the debate was guillotined - meaning that not all proposed amendments were discussed.

But Minister Andrews said the Bill was very clear and very focused.

The review groups' members are Barnardo's Norah Gibbons and child law expert Geoffrey Shannon.

There was criticism of the HSE earlier this year when it emerged that the Executive had not passed on documents to the review group.

The HSE said existing legislation prevented it from doing so.

Earlier, Fine Gael's Spokesperson on Children Alan Shatter said information to be made public relating to issues such as the death of children in care would be at the discretion of the Minister.

He said the independent review groups could not publish the information themselves.

Mr Andrews said the proposed legislation was a step forward in the interaction between the State and groups looking into child deaths in care.

He denied that the charge of having discretion to release information could lead to the credibility of any report published by an independent group being questioned.