Fine Gael Councillor Matt Lyons has been elected Mayor of Sligo at the Annual General Meeting of Sligo Borough Council.

It is the third time he has held the position.

Fellow Fine Gael Councillor, Tony McLoughlin was elected Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Lyons said it was an honour to be once again elected to serve as Sligo's Mayor.

The Mayor set out his priorities for the year and identified a number of key projects he hoped to see advanced over the course of his term, particularly in the areas of enterprise and transport infrastructure.

The Mayor thanked his colleagues for 'bestowing this special honour.'

'Over the course of my term, I will call on your advice and support and I am confident in our ability to work together for the good of Sligo,' he said.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fáil Councillor Michael Crowe has been elected Mayor of Galway city.

Councillor Crowe's election comes as a result of a voting agreement between his party and Fine Gael and independents.

The new mayor has identified job creation as his top priority during his year in office.