Labour has become the most popular political party in the country for the first time ever, according to an opinion poll in tomorrow's Irish Times.

The Ipsos MRBI poll for tomorrow's Irish Times also shows a slump in backing for Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, and for their leaders.

The poll, taken on Tuesday and yesterday, doesn't fully reflect the impact of the banking reports, but shows a five-point slump in Fianna Fáil support since January, leaving that party on just 17%.

But Fine Gael are down as well, dropping four points to 28%.

Labour is up eight points to 32%; the Greens are unchanged at 3%, Sinn Féin gain one to 9%, and Independents are unchanged at 11%.

Eamon Gilmore also has the highest satisfaction rating of 46%, while satisfaction with Brian Cowen is down 8% to 18%, while Enda Kenny drops 7% to 24%.

Satisfaction with the Government is also down since January, by 7% to 12%, while 83% say they're dissatisfied.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen has insisted that the Government will run for its full term despite a new opinion poll showing a dramatic drop in Fianna Fáil support

Speaking tonight on RTE's Prime Time programme, Mr Cowen said he would not walk away from Government and would make what he called the tough decisions on the economy.

He said people would be able to choose a new government once the current one had run its term.