Michelle Morrison, the wife of singer Van Morrison, has told a court in a sworn statement that she has no confidence that her neighbours would plant trees ro screen their 'Celtic Tiger-style house' from hers.

Michelle Morrison has brought the case, which is continuing at the High Court, against her local council over the planting of trees at her neighbours' redeveloped house.

Ms Morrison alleges Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council failed to protect her privacy by agreeing a submission from their neighbours - Desmond and Mary Kavanagh - that they had complied with planning permissions granted.

She alleges that trees, which were to be retained or replaced in accordance with the planning permission, have been felled and not replaced.

Ms Morrison says this severely affects the privacy of her family.

In a sworn document she also said that she had no confidence in any expressed intention by Mr and Mrs Kavanagh to plant trees to screen their property, which was described in court as a ‘Celtic Tiger-type house’.

She said she wanted the court to determine the issue so that they would be compelled by law to comply with the planning permission.

The parties spent yesterday in talks to attempt to settle the case after a warning from the judge, Mr Justice Michael Hanna, that the case would cost someone a lot of money.

However, those talks failed and the case continued today and will continue again tomorrow morning.