Ten servicemen with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) for Afghanistan have been killed in separate incidents.

Two civilians contracted to help train Afghan police were also killed in a suicide raid on a training camp in Kandahar.

It has been one of the deadliest days in months for foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Five service members died in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in eastern Afghanistan.

Two died in an IED blast and a third in another bomb attack in the south.

Two servicemen were killed by small arms fire in separate incidents in the south and east.

NATO does not release the names, nationalities or other details of casualties, leaving that to the governments of those concerned.

More than 1,800 foreign service members have died in Afghanistan since the Taliban was overthrown.

The number of foreign troops is set to peak at around 150,000 as part of an offensive against Taliban heartlands with a push for development and better governance.

The Taliban says it will not entertain peace until all foreign troops have left.

The US has plans to start withdrawing from 2011, leaving in place an Afghanistan police and army who are relatively untested.