Liam Hannaway, a prisoner in Maghaberry prison, has ended his hunger strike.

He had been on hunger strike for six weeks and had been moved to the health care unit in the prison.

Earlier, the Northern Ireland Prison Service had said that his condition was not giving immediate cause for concern.

They said his medical needs were being catered for by healthcare staff and his condition was being closely monitored.

Hannaway's protest at conditions and procedures in the prison lasted 42 days.

Sinn Féin Assembly member Raymond McCartney met the North's Justice Minister David Ford this afternoon about Liam Hannaway.

Speaking afterwards Mr McCartney said: 'In recent weeks I have visited prisoners in the republican section of Maghaberry prison.

'I have also met with Liam Hannaway who is currently on hunger strike in a different part of the jail.

'All of the republican groups in the prison have made it clear that there is no threat to Liam Hannaway if he is moved back into the segregated wing.

'Liam has raised a number of other issues with us which I have raised directly with the prison administration and the Justice Minister.

'It is my firm view that with the necessary political will, all of these issues relating to Liam Hannaway, and indeed the wider problems...can be resolved.

'Regardless of why people are being held in prison they are entitled to treated with respect and dignity. In my view that is not currently the case in Maghaberry', Mr McCartney added.