European flights to and from the Republic and Northern Ireland have resumed following the disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano.

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Main developments:

  • Irish airspace has re-opened.
  • Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, Knock, Donegal and Sligo airports were affected by this morning's closure.
  • Passengers advised to check with airline before travelling to an airport.
  • Scotland & Northern Ireland airspace will close from 7am

23.00 Aer Lingus has confirmed that flights scheduled to depart and arrive into Glasgow and Edinburgh from Dublin and Cork have been cancelled up to 1pm tomorrow.

All of its flights to and from Belfast International Airport to the UK and Europe have been cancelled until 1pm.

It said it was waiting for an update from the IAA regarding further disruption.

21.00 The Irish Aviation Authority is to review the situation overnight.

20.32 The CAA said there are concerns that the ash cloud would continue to move south.

20.27 Britain's Civil Aviation Authority said: 'Forecasts show that levels of ash in the atmosphere over Scotland and Northern Ireland will exceed the concentrations that engine manufacturers have agreed are safe for operations.

'Unfortunately, this means that the CAA anticipates all Scottish and Northern Ireland airports will be closed from 07:00 local time tomorrow.'

20.10 British aviation regulators said airspace over Scotland and Northern Ireland will close from 7am tomorrow due to dangers posed by ash from an Icelandic volcano.

13.35 Aer Lingus spokesperson Declan Kearney said the airline's schedule would operate as normal this afternoon, after 117 flights were cancelled earlier.

Ryanair spokesperson Stephen McNamara said its schedule would return to normal at 2pm, with the airline putting on some 15 extra flights today and tomorrow to accommodate passengers.

13.33 Dave Murphy, Head of the Aviation Services Division at Met Éireann, has said there is a possibility that flights will be disrupted tomorrow and on Thursday, as northeasterly winds are expected to continue to blow ash in Ireland's direction.

Mr Murphy said he was fairly confident the situation would improve on Thursday afternoon, but added that there was still a risk of some disruption over the weekend.

13.15 Shannon Airport has reopened for flights.

13.10 The Dublin Airport Authority has said everything is running according to plan.

13.07 Ray Kennedy reports that airlines at Dublin Airport said they believe they will clear the back log of passengers quickly.

13.04 2,000 passengers were affected by flight cancellations in Cork Airport this morning.

13.00 European flights to and from the Republic and Northern Ireland are due to resume following the disruption caused by the Icelandic volcano.

12.55 Reporting from Dublin Airport, Cian McCormack says queues are starting to form as people arrive to get replacement flights for the ones that were cancelled today.

He said the check in areas are busy, but there are bigger queues at reservation desks as people attempt to make alternative travel arrangements.

12.30 In a statement, Ryanair says due to the closure of Irish airspace all Ryanair flights scheduled to operate to/from Ireland including Belfast and City of Derry from 06:00 up to 14:00 today are cancelled.

Passengers due to travel on flights to/from Ireland between 06:00 and 14:00 are advised not to go to the airport.

A list of cancelled flights is available on Ryanair's website

Ryanair is operating extra flights to repatriate disrupted passengers:

FR2342 Dublin to Fuerteventura

FR2348 Dublin to Seville

FR2344 Dublin to Faro

FR2345 Faro to Dublin

FR2343 Fuerteventura to Dublin

FR215 London (Stansted) to Dublin

FR2349 Seville to Dublin

12.10 The Icelandic Met Office's has assessments of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano here

12.05 ‘The ash plume temporarily increased a little on Sunday, but now it has decreased,’ Bryndis Brandsdottir, a geophysicist at the University of Iceland, said.

Even with yesterday's increase, the ash ‘is a lot less than it was’ in the days after the eruption began nearly three weeks ago, when a giant cloud of volcanic dust closed airspace across Europe, stranding millions of travellers worldwide, he said.

11.40 Read the latest Volcanic Ash Advisory on Met Éireann's website

10.17 All Aircoach's services to Dublin Airport are running as normal. Aircoach is not expecting to make any alterations to its regular services.

10.00 P&O's Irish Sea services are operating normally on schedule with spaces available. There is currently motorist space available ons it Dublin to Liverpool service.

09.48 Conservative Party leader David Cameron's visit to Northern Ireland is back on after earlier being cancelled because of the flight restrictions caused by the volcanic ash cloud.

09.46 The UK Civil Aviation Authority says flights to and from Northern Ireland would be able to start again from 1pm.

09.04 Ryanair is to resume operations at Cork, Kerry, Dublin and Derry airports from 2pm, while operations at Belfast, Knock and Shannon are due to resume at 4pm.

However, passengers should keep checking the Ryanair website as it is possible some flights at these airports might get off the ground before then.

All of Aer Lingus' flights to UK and European destinations will resume at 1pm.

Its transatlantic operations will run as scheduled apart from the Dublin to New York flight EI 105 at 10.30am, which has been cancelled.

09.01 Bmi will resume a full service between Dublin and London after 1pm today.

08.57 Cian McCormack tells RTÉ's Morning Ireland the situation in Northern Ireland will be reviewed at about midday.

08.52 Virgin Trains have added extra carriages on its West Coast Main Line services from London, which connects at Holyhead with ferries to and from Ireland.

08.50 EasyJet had to cancel around 20 flights on services to and from Belfast City and Belfast International airports this morning.

08.45 There will be a further update on the IAA's website at 20.00 tonight.

08.20 The IAA's Eamonn Brennan says only Ireland and the Hebrides' airspace was closed - a decision made under new EU arrangements agreed following last month's disruption.

08.17 DAA spokeswoman Siobhan Moore has told passengers to check the airline's website or call before travelling to the airport.

She said there may be delays as some planes are currently in other airports.

08.15 The IAA's Eamonn Brennan tells RTÉ's Morning Ireland the ash cloud has moved south towards the Bay of Biscay.

However, he said Irish airspace remains at risk for the rest of the week, particularly on Wednesday, because of the northerly winds.

He said that last night the plume of ash stretched from Donegal to Portlaoise.

08.01 The Irish Aviation Authority says Irish airspace will be fully open from 1pm.

08.00 Overflights of Ireland from UK and Europe have not been affected.

07.45 BMI cancelled its two flights between Dublin and London this morning (BD121 and BD122).

07.30 Aer Arann says passengers are advised to check this website or contact Aer Arann customer relations for the latest information.

07.26 Listen or Watch Morning Ireland live for updates

07.25 Joan Blackburn of Met Éireann tells RTÉ's Morning Ireland that from Friday and over the weekend it is expected air will be re-circulated from the continent and not from Iceland.

07.22 Eamonn Brennan of the IAA tells Morning Ireland the maps are looking optimistic for this afternoon, but a safety assessment is take place and an announcement will be made at 9am.

He said northerly winds and the continually active volcano have led to the closures.

07.20 Aer Lingus spokesman Declan Kearney has told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that customers should go to the airline's website to check the status of their flights and they should not travel to the airport if the flight has been cancelled.

Mr Kearney said the airline is planning to operate after 1pm. Some transatlantic flights will operate with a delay.

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara told Morning Ireland 100 flights have been cancelled. He said customers should check the airline's website before going to an airport.

He said some longer flights may operate with a delay.

Mr McNamara said he is hoping a full schedule will operate this afternoon.

07.15 The Irish Aviation Authority has said the situation will be reviewed this morning and an update will be posted on its website around 9am.

07.10 Aer Lingus says all UK and European flights into and out of Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast airports, prior to 1pm have been cancelled.

The airline said it plans to operate all its flights to the US with the exception of EI105 from Dublin to New York.

Ryanair has cancelled all its flights in and out of Irish airports including Belfast airports from 6am until 2pm.

07.05 UK Civil Aviation Authority says airspace over Northern Ireland will be closed from 7am.

Belfast International, Belfast City and City of Derry airports will be closed.

07.00 Flights in and out of Ireland have been restricted until at least 1pm as volcanic ash from Iceland is being blown southwards again.

Airports affected include Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry, Knock, Donegal and Sligo.