Survivors of clerical sex abuse have told Catholic Primate of Ireland Cardinal Seán Brady that he is 'a lame duck leader'.

Cardinal Brady met some of the survivors of abuse in Armagh earlier.

After their meeting, John Kelly, from the Survivors of Child Abuse group said they told the Cardinal that they considered him to be to be 'a lame duck leader'.

The Cardinal met representatives from the Survivors of Child Abuse group and Dublin-based abuse victim Marie Collins.

Mr Kelly also said he thought that the Catholic Church authorities were moving towards implementing what he called 'a just solution for the victims of the Magdalene laundry'.

Ms Collins says she told Cardinal Brady he should resign as the head of the Catholic church here because of the scandal.

She said she told the cardinal if he were to step down with honour and dignity it could be seen a positive step forward.

She said the cardinal made no direct comment on the issue of resignation.

The meetings took place at the Cardinal residence in Armagh and are part of the series of consultations with victims of abuse, the Catholic clergy and hierarchy, which Cardinal Brady promised to undertake in a statement on St Patrick’s Day.

It is thought the outcome of the Cardinal’s reflection and consultation may be known by Pentecost Sunday at the end of May.