A strong earthquake in eastern Turkey has left at 57 people dead.

Eight hours after the quake, the search for survivors was called off.

The quake woke residents from their sleep when it struck at 4.32am local time (2.32am Irish time), centred on the sparsely-populated area of Basyurt in Elazig province.

It had a magnitude of 6.0 and was followed by 30 minor aftershocks.

Hospital workers and relatives ferried casualties from cars and ambulances into the state hospital in the nearby town of Kovancilar.

In nearby villages, people lit fires overnight to keep warm after rushing out of their houses in panic before dawn.

A local official has said 57 people were killed and at least 100 injured.

The quake toppled the minarets of three mosques in villages in the area.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says there are no reports at this stage of any Irish casualties.

Turkey is criss-crossed with fault lines and frequently suffers earthquakes. A large earthquake measuring 7.4 killed some 18,000 people in August 1999.