Green Party Chairman Dan Boyle has said he believes Defence Minister Willie O'Dea is compromised following the disclosure that he filed false information in a High Court affidavit last year.

Mr O'Dea survived a Dáil vote of confidence this afternoon with Green Party support, but the Cork-based Senator said he should still resign from Cabinet.

The Dáil passed the motion by 80 votes to 69.

But Mr Boyle told correspondents on his Twitter and Facebook pages that Mr O'Dea's action in swearing a false affidavit was ethically, if not legally, wrong and the Minister should resign.

He also agreed that a reshuffle was an option and was quite likely in the near future in any event.

Mr Boyle’s stance reflects unease within his party over the affair.

However, a prominent Green TD said tonight that while the party was unhappy, the view within the Oireachtas Group was that it was not a matter that should precipitate resignations or a withdrawal from Government.

That said, Mr Boyle's intervention is deliberate and its significance could grow were there to be further revelations about the affidavit affair.