Toyota Ireland has announced that 26,000 cars will be recalled in this country in order to address a potential fault in the vehicles accelerators.

Toyota Ireland recall statement

The recall will include vehicles from eight model ranges including Avensis, Auris, Corrolla and the RAV 4.

The recall is part of a worldwide recall by Toyota after it emerged that in rare instances accelerators could stick or not return to idle due to wearing in the accelerator mechanism.

However two of the most popular Toyota models, the 1.4 petrol Corolla and 1.4 petrol Auris are not included in the recall.

Elsewhere, Honda Ireland is recalling nearly 3,000 cars in Ireland as part of a worldwide recall of the company's Jazz model.

Company representative John Donohoe said all Jazz cars sold here from 2002 to 2009 have to be checked because of a potential concern with the electric window switch in the driver’s door.

Mr Donohoe said the switch could short circuit if contaminated with liquid.

Separately, French car group PSA will recall 97,000 Peugeot 107s and Citroen C1s made in a Czech factory it shares with Japanese car maker Toyota.

The move comes after the Japanese giant on Friday pulled millions of cars around the world due to faulty accelerator pedals.

However, Peugeot in Ireland released a statement this morning saying no Peugeot 107s sold in this country will be recalled.

Peugeot Ireland said the 600 107s sold here since 2006 were from a different batch to those at the centre of the recall. Citroen will recall just two cars from the Irish market.

PSA said the recall of 107s and Citroen C1s was a precautionary measure after Toyota recalled millions of cars because of potential accelerator problems.