The Democratic Unionist Party today ousted disgraced MP Iris Robinson.

Her membership has been terminated and she will leave Westminster and her MLA's position in Stormont as early as next week because of the shame over her financial dealings with a 19-year-old lover.

Party officers would meet as early as Monday to decide who would replace Mrs Robinson as MLA in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

However, there will not be a by-election for her Westminster Strangford seat as a general election is likely before the formal writ can be moved.

The wife of Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson announced just after Christmas she was quitting politics because of severe depression.

But the Robinsons have since been plunged into controversy after it emerged Iris had secured £50,000 from two wealthy developers to help her 19-year-old lover set up a restaurant business in south Belfast.

Her husband Peter has been left fighting to clear his name after insisting he did not know of his wife's irregular financial dealings with her teenage lover.

It is believed Mrs Robinson remains living at their east Belfast home.

But authoritative sources with the party claim the leader believes his marriage may not even survive, never mind his political career.