Mortgage lenders held a total of 331 repossessed homes by the end of September, according to new figures from the Financial Regulator.

110 properties were repossessed in the three months from June to September.

In the third quarter of the year, the Regulator says 31 homes were repossessed by court orders while another 79 were repossessed after voluntary surrender or abandonment.

Another 22 homes were sold during the quarter.

The Regulator also said that more than 26,000 households are in arrears on their mortgages according to new data published by the Financial Regulator.

Arrears information published by the Regulator shows the rate of households falling into arrears in the last 15 months has more than doubled to 3.3% of the total market.

The Regulator says some €4.8bn of mortgage loans are more than three months in arrears, while two thirds of that sum, €3.2bn, is outstanding for six months.

This is the first time this data has been collected from all the mortgage providers.

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