A Serbian court has fined President Boris Tadic €400 for drinking champagne, in contravention of an alcohol ban in football stadiums, to toast Serbia's World Cup qualification.

Mr Tadic pleaded guilty to uncorking the champagne in a VIP lounge at the Red Star Belgrade stadium on 10 October after Serbia's victory over Romania, which qualified them for the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

Before the fine was handed down, Mr Tadic told the court that he was unaware that drinking alcohol had been banned at football games.

'I did not know that consumption of alcohol, even if only for a toast, has been forbidden so I fully take responsibility for the violation,' he told the court.

'I take over responsibility and believe that, as every citizen, I should pay a fine or serve a sentence, whatever is the verdict.'

Along with Mr Tadic, other officials including Serbia's Football Association chief Tomislav Karadzic were fined €400 for violating the law aimed at preventing violence at sports events.

The law prohibits the sale or consumption of alcohol in stadiums and arenas during and 90 minutes after a match.