Green Party leader John Gormley has written to members to confirm that a two-thirds majority will be needed at a meeting in two weeks’ time to keep the party in Government.

Mr Gormley's message confirms that if a renegotiated Programme for Government is not supported by two thirds of the members, the Greens will not continue in Government.

He also confirms that the Greens will pull out of Government if a two thirds majority vote against the NAMA legislation.

There has been intense speculation about the procedures for the meeting on 10 October. Mr Gormley has now written to all members to explain exactly what will happen.

Mr Gormley has stated that everything depends on the party's ability to agree a new Programme for Government and confirmed if a motion on the issue is not passed, the Green Party will not continue in Government, which means that one-third of the members can trigger an election.

He has asked members not to comment on the negotiations and to maintain a disciplined approach to maximise the chances of success, and set out his aim in the negotiations, which he says is nothing less than the transformation of society and the economy.