Workers staging a sit-in at Thomas Cook on Dublin's Grafton Street have been served with a High Court order asking that they leave the premises.

More than 40 workers, including two pregnant women, have occupied the premises since management announced the immediate closure of the company's two Dublin offices at midday yesterday.

They say they will hold a demonstration outside the premises at 10.30am on Monday.

The workers are seeking an improved redundancy package.

Yesterday, the company decided to close its two Dublin stores a month ahead of schedule, because it said unofficial industrial action taken by workers had caused disruption to customers.

Thomas Cook said it has been recording losses at the Grafton Street premises for five years and had planned to close them next month.

It said it brought the date forward to minimise disruption to customers following unofficial industrial action by its staff on Wednesday.

Workers served strike notice on the company yesterday following its offer of a five-week redundancy package.

Staff say they will continue their sit-in until a better deal is negotiated.

Several staff at another Thomas Cook subsidiary, Direct Holidays, who have been offered a similar redundancy package, have also begun a sit-in in Dublin.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook says any holidays booked through its Dublin stores are totally safe and it will be making contact with customers who have done so in the coming days.