At least two people have been killed in an explosion at a civil guard barracks on the Spanish island of Majorca. The explosion is believed to have been caused by a car bomb.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero blamed Basque separatist group ETA for a powerful car bomb in Majorca on Thursday which killed two civil guards.

Prime Minister Zapatero said 'Carlos Saenz de Tejada Garcia 27-years-old and Diego Salva Lesaun, 28-years-old were killed today by ETA. I want to condemn this new low blow with much rage and pain but also with much determination.'

Mr Zapatero in his televised address stated that 'the criminal attack comes at a time when the civil guards and national police, with the cooperation of French security forces, are striking against the terrorist group as never before.'

Police later defused a second booby-trap device under another civil guard vehicle at a different barracks on the island.

In response to the attack, police closed all airport and seaports on the island in an effort to prevent the people responsible for the bombing from escaping.

'This means that departures from the port, airport and marinas in Majorca are closed for departures,' the representative of Spain's central government said in a statement.

Aer Lingus says that it has been advised by the authorities in Spain that Palma airport should re-open at 9pm Irish time.

Their advice to passengers on the 6pm Aer Lingus Dublin to Palma flight is to check in as normal.