Torrential monsoon rain in the Pakistani city of Karachi has killed 26 people and cut power to most of the city.

The rain flooded low-lying parts of the city, damaging hundreds of homes, downing power lines and inundating power grid stations.

The victims were either electrocuted, drowned, or had roofs
collapse on top of them, Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal said.

Most of the city was left without electricity last night, but power was gradually being restored.

‘We have 26 deaths but these figures could go up, as now reports have started pouring in from different areas,’ Mr Kamal said.

Efforts were under way to restore traffic and electricity and to pump floodwaters out of streets and homes, he said.

Karachi, a city with a population of over 16m, has an outdated drainage system that leaves parts of the city vulnerable to flooding, though officials have said they have made improvements.

Pakistan's chief meteorologist, Qamar-uz-Zaman, said the country's commercial hub had received 14.7cm of rain between Friday evening and this morning.