Three ancient pieces of gold jewellery, taken during a raid on a chemist shop in Strokestown in Co Roscommon on 27 March, have been recovered by gardaí.

They are a lunula neck-piece and two gold discs believed to date from 2,000BC.

They were taken in the burglary at a pharmacy in Strokestown on the 27 March.

The items were taken from a safe and a quantity of drugs was also stolen.

The early Bronze Age pieces had lain for decades in the safe of the late Mr Sheehan whose daughter Sunniva said she only saw them twice and had no idea of their significance and value.

She said she was aware of them from the 1950s when her father showed them to her, she saw them again around 1965 after her father had died and only became aware of their value after they had been stolen and staff from the National Museum told her what they were.

The National Museum staff were in Roscommon Garda Station today to examine the pieces, which had been recovered after gardai searched a house in Dublin and arrested two men in connection with the burglary at Sheehan’s.

The pieces will be handed over to the museum in the coming days.

Dr Pat Wallace, Director of the National Museum said the pieces are very significant.