The Dáil bar has gone to Galway and Oireachtas authorities are not pursuing it!

A Galway publican opened The Dáil Bar in Cross Street in the city last November and despite the association of the name with Leinster House, authorities there have decided not to take any legal action.

A Leinster House commission sought legal advice over the issue and a spokesperson said they have now concluded that no action will be taken, as the title ‘The Dáil Bar’ is not registered, and the ‘Dáil bar’ in Leinster House technically does not exist, as it actually refers to two bars in the building.

The spokesperson added that if a larger commercial operation such as a chain of pubs were to use the name they would have to look again at the issue. He also stated that the names Dáil Éireann and Seanand Éireann are protected, as they are constitutional entities.

John Mannion, the owner of the Dáil Bar in Galway said he has now registered ‘The Dáil Bar’ domain name, and is currently constructing the Dail Bar website.

He says he has not seen any TDs or Senators there yet, although some local councillors have been spotted.