In the midst of this recession, the Dublin Zoo has announced a prosperous name for its latest 2 metre tall arrival.

'Neema', which means 'prosperous' in Swahili, is the new name for the female giraffe calf that was born in Dublin Zoo on 4 January.

Lucy BlackerFollowing a nationwide competition, six-year-old Swords girl Lucy Blacker (left) was selected as the lucky winner.

Helen Clarke, team leader at the Zoo's African Plains area, said the name is fitting given Neema's first weeks in the world:

'She is doing really well since birth and is quite genuinely prospering!'

Neema is already 2 metres tall and weighs a hefty 50kg.

The Zoo reports that her mother Jenny has been very attentive to Neema’s needs since her arrival and that Neema’s older brother has been imitating his sister and seeking milk from Jenny.