A US Airways plane has come down in the Hudson River near New York City.

Local media said the plane was an Airbus with 146 passengers and five crew on board.

The jet had just taken off from La Guardia Airport and was trying to return after apparently striking a flock of geese. It was destined for Charlotte in North Carolina.

US security officials said the crash was not terrorism related.

Passengers could be seen exiting the floating plane via the wing while ferry boats waited nearby.

One rescued passenger told CNN he believed all of those on board got out of the plane safely.

'I'm pretty sure everyone got off,' said the passenger, identified by CNN as Alberto Panero. 'It's just incredible that everyone's alive.'

Another passenger told the news agency Reuters there was what sounded like an explosion a few minutes after takeoff.

'The engine blew. There was fire everywhere and it smelled like gas,' said Jeff Kolodjay. 'People were bleeding all over. We hit the water pretty hard. It was scary.'

'There is no information at this time to indicate that this is a security-related incident,' said Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Laura Keehner.

'We continue to closely monitor the situation, which at present is focused on search and rescue.'