19-year-old Bridget Clemons is facing an assault charge after confronting a US shoe store employee she accused of calling her the 'C word'.

The 'C word' (rhymes with stunt) is considered to be extremely offensive in the US, almost on a par with the 'N word.'

The website The Smoking Gun reports that Ms Clemons, an employee at a Florida strip club, went to a local mall and confronted 19-year-old Tymbre Ballew at the Journey's Kids outlet.

After accusing Mr Ballew of uttering the C-word and promising to 'beat her ass,' Ms Clemons allegedly threw a shoe at Mr Ballew.

But the shoe missed its target and instead struck a 17-year-old part-time worker in the face.

Ms Clemons was arrested on misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

It is unclear what may have caused Mr Ballew to use an obscenity when addressing Ms Clemons, who was 'verbally combative' when initially confronted by cops.

The complete police report is available here.