Libertas founder Declan Ganley has said a report in last Saturday's Irish Times that his party has been registered as a European political party is substantially correct.

On RTÉ's Morning Ireland, he said the possibility of establishing Libertas as a pan-European organisation was being looked at, with the possibility of running candidates in many EU member states in the June 2009 European elections.

He said it would provide an opportunity across the EU to provide a proxy referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

He said, however, that this was far from being a done deal. He said no final decision had been made.

He said laws regarding fund-raising would need to be looked at. He said a fairly significant number of candidates would be needed.

He said all fund-raising had so far been done from home.

When asked whether any company he is a director of had given loans to Libertas, Mr Ganley said these questions had already been answered - that Libertas has complied fully with the rules.