The new income eligibility limits for those aged over 70, who now face a means test to keep their full medical card, have been published on the Health Service Executive's website.

According to the site, the net weekly income limit, to be eligible for a medical card will be €201.50 for a single person, €173.50 for a single person living with a family and €298 for a married couple.

These limits come into effect from the beginning of January and are net of expenses like rent, mortgage and regular medical expenses like GP fees, medications and appliances.

Also in a statement on its website, the HSE said its information line is answering a large number of inquiries about the changes and that it will work to ensure everyone who is eligible for a full medical card will have this confirmed by the end of December.

It will be writing to the 139,000 people affected with an information pack in the coming days.

Click here to see the full details from the HSE website.