The Government has finally released details its controversial bank guarantee scheme, more than two weeks after the plan was first announced.

Minister for the Finance Brian Lenihan said the new regulations would take the Government deep into the banking system.

Under the scheme, taxpayers will guarantee all loans and deposits in the country's banks and building societies.

One of the key provisions contained in the Bill will be measures to prevent abuse of the scheme.

The Government will raise €1bn over two years from the banks covered by the State guarantee. If the guarantee is called upon the banks involved will eventually have to refund the money.

Up to two directors, representing tax payers interests, will be appointed to the board of each bank and building society covered by the scheme.

They will be drawn from a panel approved by the Minister for Finance.

A new committee will oversee bonuses and pay of directors and executives.

Bonuses will be linked to a reduction of risk and long term sustainability of the banks.