Two million people are expected to play the Lotto tonight, with the jackpot set to hit a new record high.

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The National Lottery expects tonight's jackpot to be in excess of €16.5m. The odds of claiming the prize are more than 8 million to one.

If you want to be the biggest single winner ever, and not have to share any of it, National Lottery director Dermot Griffin says you should put more thought into your numbers.

'We see a lot of sequence plays so numbers like 1,2,3,4,5,6 [or] 5,10,15,20,25. You get a number of people playing the same sequences, so if those numbers do come out, you will be sharing it with a lot of people,' Mr Griffin told RTÉ Radio's Morning Ireland.

'Avoid them, or do a Quick Pick,' he added.

On 28 July last year a family from Cork won the largest jackpot in the 20-year history of the Lotto, scooping €16,185,749.