Nearly one third of Irish adults do not consume the basic recommended three servings of dairy a day.

The latest TNS mrbi research shows 29% of adults are not getting the amount of dairy products recommended by the Department of Health.

Dairy products provide a high proportion of calcium and essential nutrients.

But these findings suggest a large number of Irish adults may be at risk of reducing their general well-being in the short term and exposing themselves to serious long term health risks.

In contrast, results from the Slán Report 2007, show that 86% of Irish adults do manage to consume at least three daily servings per day of food from the 'top shelf' of the food pyramid that includes cakes, biscuits and confectionery.

These foods should be consumed sparingly because they are typically high in sugar, salt and fats.

To combat this gap in dairy consumption the National Dairy Council is investing in a 15-week national advertising campaign.

From early July they will raise awareness about the importance of milk and dairy products as a natural source of calcium and essential nutrients.