A young tiger cub named May has found an interesting new family after being rejected by its mother.

A pet dog named Juchka who had just given birth was brought to the village zoo in Russia's Omsk region with her pups to become surrogate mother.

Concerns were raised about the cub's welfare after its mother, who was herself fed artificially, refused to feed her.

The zoo says little May has got used to its new family quickly. It loves when its new mum looks for flees in its fur and like to play with its stepbrothers and sisters.

While being mothered by the dog, she is being fed goats milk mixed with cream to make up for tiger's milk, which has five to six times more fat.

Locals say she is already behaving like a dog and growling at the cats.

May was the first tiger cub to be born in the Omsk region in 20 years.