A draft report into the loss of the Pere Charles trawler is understood to have concluded that the boat had a greater load of herrings than previous trips and was deeper in the water.

It is believed the Marine Casaulty Investigation Board report suggests the Pere Charles must have taken on water from behind which then became trapped at its front or forward end, contributing to its sinking.

The report is also thought to have found that no reassessment of the stability of the vessel had been carried out as a result of the various changes made to the vessel from 2001 and 2006.

But under law at the time, no assessment was required.

Five men lost their lives when the boat went down last year not far from Hook Head, off the south Wexford coast.

The Pere Charles went fishing for herrings from Dunmore East on 10 January 2007.

There were five men on board; skipper Tom Hennessey, his uncle Pat Hennessy, both from Kerry, Patrick Cody from Wexford, Billy O'Connor from Dunmore East, and Andrea Dyrin from Ukraine.

As it was heading for home around teatime, an event or a combination of factors caused the boat to sink suddenly.

Despite massive searches, none of the bodies were ever found.

The Pere Charles was subsequently raised and examined by inspectors from the Marine Casualty Investigation Board.