Train services between Dublin and Cork have been cancelled because of a dispute between Iarnród Éireann and its train drivers.

Iarnród Éireann said drivers have refused to work their rosters, after one of them refused to facilitate training of new drivers.

The company has cancelled six Dublin to Cork services and five Cork to Dublin services.

Cork commuter services to Cobh and Mallow are also not operating.

Iarnród Éireann said it was trying to provide bus services for customers on affected services.

Iarnród Éireann spokesman Barry Kenny says the company is pessimistic about the dispute being resolved in the short term and services are likely to be affected again tomorrow.

While exact details will be confirmed in the morning, the company says it is likely that all services from Cork to Dublin up to and including the 9.30am Cork to Heuston service will be cancelled.

10.30am and 11.30am Cork to Heuston are expected to operate from Mallow only, with bus transfers from Cork to Mallow.

The 7am and 8am Heuston to Cork are likely to operate to Mallow only, with bus transfers from Mallow to Cork. The remainder of morning services are expected to be cancelled.

All Cork/Cobh and Cork/Mallow commuter services are expected to be cancelled, and customers are advised to make alternative arrangements.

Some Cork/Tralee services are expected to be cancelled, with others operating between Tralee and Mallow only.

Services which did not operate today:

- 11.00hrs Heuston to Cork
- 13.30hrs Cork to Heuston
- 14.30hrs Cork to Heuston
- 15.30hrs Cork to Heuston
- 16.30hrs Cork to Heuston
- 17.30hrs Cork to Heuston
- 18.00hrs Heuston to Cork
- 18.30hrs Heuston to Cork
- 19.00hrs Heuston to Cork
- 20.00hrs Heuston to Cork
- 21.00hrs Heuston to Cork
- Cork commuter services (Cork/Cobh, Cork/Mallow)

The following services operated to and from Mallow only with bus transfers between Mallow and Cork:
- 14.00hrs
- 15.00hrs
- 16.00hrs
- 17.00hrs

Heuston to Cork services:

Cork to Heuston services:

All other rail services on other routes were unaffected. More information on the Iarnród Éireann website.

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