Cider company Bulmers has confirmed that it has fired eight workers over a YouTube video. 

The workers at its plant in in Clonmel in Co Tipperary were fired for what it described as serious health and safety breaches that were filmed on a mobile phone.

The men were seen jumping into a moving forklift, turning on vehicles and allowing them to move on the warehouse floor without drivers, spraying fire extinguishers and somersaulting from stacks of crates onto cardboard boxes.

Those involved are all experienced, full-time workers.

The video was called 'Working Hard for Bulmers' and was set to the tune of the mobile phone ringtone 'banana phone'.

A spokeswoman said the company had almost 500 staff and jeopardising the safety of its employees would not be tolerated.

SIPTU, which represents the staff, said it would not be appealing the decision unless asked to do so by individual employees.