A new opinion poll shows that half of those surveyed no longer trust Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to run the country after hearing his evidence to the Mahon Tribunal.

The Red C for the Sunday Business Post shows Fianna Fáil support, at 37%, is up one point since the last poll a month ago, while Fine Gael is down one point to 31%.

Labour is at 10%, the Green Party is at 7% and the PDs are at 2%. Sinn Féin drops one point to 8%. Independents and others gain two points to 6% 

53% of those polled say they do not believe Mr Ahern's evidence to the tribunal, while 50%, say they do not trust him to run the country after hearing that evidence.

Those saying they will vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty outnumber opponents by two to one, with 46% saying the will vote yes, 23% saying they will vote no and 31% are undecided.