The Serbian parliament has unanimously annulled the proclamation of Kosovo independence, saying it violates the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty.

225 deputies in the 250-strong parliament voted to pass the government-proposed decision on proclaiming 'null and void' Kosovo's declaration of independence.

The declaration stated that Serbia's sovereignty over Kosovo and territorial integrity was guaranteed by the Serbian constitution, the UN Charter, UN Security Council Resolution 1244 ... and international law.

The document said that Serbia had also decided to proclaim as  null and void all decisions by the European Union to send a mission to Kosovo.

These decisions have no legal foundation for Serbia and produce  no obligation of Serbia towards the European Union, it stated.

The European Union has approved a Kosovo mission dubbed EULEX, which is designed to help the new state in a transition period by deploying some 2,000 personnel, mainly police and justice experts.

Earlier, Serbia said it was recalling its ambasssador to the United States after Washington recognised Kosovo's new independent status.

Serbia wants the United Nations Security Council to condemn the declaration of independence as illegal.

Meanwhile, the European Union failed as a whole to adopt a joint position recognising the new state.

The four major EU powers - France, Germany, Britain and Italy - announced their intention to recognise the new state that seceded from Serbia yesterday, but Spain and several other countries said they would not do so

The leadership of the self-declared independent state of Kosovo began its campaign for international recognition by sending out 192 letters to the world's nations.

Its declaration has already led to sharp divisions at the UN where Russia and Serbia are leading diplomatic efforts to have the move annulled.

China has said it is deeply concerned about Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence and has urged it to re-open talks with Serbia.

Despite this, celebrations are continuing in Kosovo after its declaration yesterday.

The parliament unanimously endorsed the declaration, promising democracy and respect for the rights of all ethnic communities.

However, Serbia has criticised the move calling the new state 'false' and there have been violent demonstrations in Belgrade.