At least two people have been killed and about 20 wounded in a string of bomb and mortar attacks in the Iraqi capital today.

The sources said a bomb exploded on Saydun Street along the Tigris river in the centre of Baghdad as an Iraqi army patrol was  passing, wounding six civilians and four soldiers.

Three policemen and five passers-by were wounded in another bomb attack about 30 minutes later in the neighbouring district of  Karrada. Two of the wounded later died in hospital.

In the Sunni district of Yarmuk in western Baghdad, three more civilians were wounded in an explosion, and two more people were hurt when a mortar round crashed on the eastern neighbourhood of  al-Fadliyah.

Separately, Iraqi police have found the remains of 19 executed men in the province of Diyala today, including 10 heads removed from their bodies.

The discovery was made near the town of Moqdadiyah, northeast of Baghdad, all the victims had been killed in the past few days.

Nine of the victims whose bodies were found intact had been shot dead. The identity of the men was not known.