Libertas, the group set up to oppose the EU Lisbon Treaty, is to send an information leaflet to every home in Ireland in advance of a referendum on the treaty.

The organisation says the leaflet will replace a leaflet which would ordinarily have been circulated by the State funded Referendum Commission.

The announcement was made by Libertas President Declan Ganley outside the Department of the Taoiseach this morning, where he also 'binned' a copy of the Green Party election manifesto and launched a scathing attack on the party's leader.

Mr Ganley said he was doing this because in the manifesto the Green Party had committed itself to campaigning for increased democracy in the EU. But the Green Party that was voted into Government by the people is now unrecognisable from the party that is in Government, he added.

He said Green Party leader John Gormley had opposed the EU Constitution but yet he supports the treaty and he accused Mr Gormley of being more concerned about power than doing what is right for the country.

The Libertas leaflet will be distributed to 1.46m homes, at a cost of €100,000.

Mr Ganley said it would be funded by donations to Libertas, which would be fully transparent and would comply with the relevant legislation.

It will set out on a point by point basis a rebuttal against the arguments being advanced in favour of the treaty.