Two Irish soldiers on UN peacekeeping duty have been wounded in a roadside bomb blast in southern Lebanon.

The blast smashed the windows of a white UN four-wheel drive vehicle in the area of Rmaileh village, 35km south of Beirut and not far from the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp.

At the time of the attack they were travelling from Beirut to the mission HQ in Naquora.

It is the third attack on the 13,500-strong UNIFIL force since it was expanded after a 34-day war ended in August 2006.

It occurred hours after Israel said two rockets fired from Lebanon overnight had exploded in the northern border village of Shlomi, causing no casualties.

Israel, which came under Hezbollah rocket barrages during the 2006 war, is on high alert ahead of a visit by US President George W Bush tomorrow.