A series of roadside bombings have killed seven people and injured three in Diyala province in central Iraq.

A 24-hour traffic ban was enforced yesterday in major cities in Diyala in a bid to curb violence.

Despite this, six people were killed when their minibus was blown up by a roadside bomb near the town of al-Sadiyah, 100km northeast of the provincial capital, Baquba.

In Baquba itself, a roadside bomb killed one person and injured another

Yesterday's one-day curfew was imposed in Baquba and in the province's other main towns of al-Khalis and al-Muqdadiyah.

Military operations chief Brigadier General Raghib al-Omeiri said the three cities were the most volatile places in the province and had been witnessing violent actions on an almost daily basis.

Meanwhile, it has has been revealed that two US soldiers were killed by an Iraqi soldier during a joint patrol in the northerm city of Mosul.

The incident, in which four other people were injured, happened on St Stephen's Day, but has only just been made public.

Two Iraqi generals have been quoted as saying that the attacker had links to insurgent groups. 

It is thought to be the first reported incident in which an Iraqi soldier has deliberately killed US servicemen since the US-led invasion in 2003.