The Labour Party is objecting to plans by the Government to rush through emergency legislation related to a number of public bodies in the health sector.

The move to change the law follows advice from the Attorney-General who cast doubt on the legal status of 19 bodies, including the Irish Blood Transfusion Service and the Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

The advice says these bodies have their legal basis in legislation dating back to 1961, which might now be found to be unconstitutional.

On RTÉ Radio's Morning Ireland, Labour Health Spokesperson Liz McManus said this raises issues about the competence of the Department of Health and of the minister.

She said this emergency legislation was being used as a trojan horse to ensure the placing of super-private clinics on public lands to the co-location project.

Ms McManus said none of the agreements had been signed or planning permission sought.

She said there was no reason why such a controversial measure should not be extracted from this bill and debated openly and democratically.