The FAI has said the decision to terminate Steve Staunton's contract as manager of the Republic of Ireland football team was taken by mutual consent.

The announcement of Mr Staunton's departure was made at about 1am this morning.

David Blood, President of the FAI, thanked Mr Staunton for his 21 months at the helm but said he was disappointed that things had not worked out the way the board had expected.

Former Irish manager Brian Kerr said recent events showed the FAI lacked credibility.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio's Morning Ireland, Mr Kerr claimed the FAI had been very good at spinning its message when justifying the appointment or sacking of various managers.

He said the FAI board did not have confidence in itself and therefore it was hard for the public to have confidence in it.

Last night, former FAI chief executive Bernard O'Byrne said Steve Staunton should not have been appointed in the first place.

Mr O'Byrne insisted the FAI decision to put him in the job was flawed and recent performances had been a shambles.

The FAI is now embarking on the task of choosing a new manager for the national team. An outside advisor will be appointed to assist in the recruitment.

Don Givens, manager of the Republic of Ireland Under-21 squad, will take responsibility for the senior squad until a new manager is found.