A report published today has found that migrant workers in Dublin are often treated as second class, which is preventing them from integrating.

The report by the Migrants Rights Centre says that poor employment conditions are a key issue.

The report also expressed concern over migrant workers feeling a sense of isolation and having little control over decisions that affect their lives.

Acting director of the MRCI, Jacqueline Healy, said that with equal access to information and key services, migrant workers can improve their circumstances.

Integration Minister Conor Lenihan welcomed the publication of the report.

Speaking at the launch, he said that it was a valuable document that underlines the need to build systems that strongly integrate migrants.

He also said that the report showed that many migrants are over qualified for the jobs they hold.

He praised Dublin City Council for showing initiative in beginning to develop its own integration plan and said that he will be seeking funding for local authorities to develop similar initiatives in the forthcoming budget estimates.