A former US intercontinental ballistic missile base, equipped with a vast underground network of tunnels and rooms has been put up for sale in the US.

The facility, now without the atomic warheads, is located near the remote Moses Lake in the northwest state of Washington.

The warheads and missiles went when the US government abandoned the Titan bases in the 1970s.

The former Larsen military base includes 4,000sq.m of space on 23 hectares of land, and is for sale on the eBay website for $1.5 million.

A Los Angeles investor bought the former base 10 years ago from owners who had purchased the property in the 1970s, when the US government concluded the Titan missiles had become obsolete. There are 18 former Titan bases in the US and nearly all of them have been sold off.

To use the entire underground network (artist's impression left), the current owner says several million dollars worth of remodelling would be required

According to the owner, this base is 'the ultimate home' offering the utmost security, while providing a chance for the buyer to enjoy an underground city.