Galway city has been hit by a new water contamination crisis this evening

An estimated 15,000 householders in the Knocknacarra area of the city have been told to boil all tap water before drinking it or using it for food preparation.

Galway City Council issued the boil water notice following advice from the local division of the Health Service Executive.

They say the water has been contaminated by E-Coli but that the problem is not related to the recent water contamination caused by the cryptosporidium bug.

It is believed the problem has arisen as a result of excavation work being carried out by contractors working for the Corporation.

No illnesses have been reported, and the council says the water supply is currently being treated.

Up to 90,000 households in the city and county had to boil or buy bottled water for more than four months as a result of the cryptosporidium outbreak which was finally cleared up last month.