Northern Ireland politicians have been holding secret talks in Finland with Iraq's warring leaders and advising them on the path to peace.

The four-day summit concluded today and involved Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, Jeffrey Donaldson and former republican and loyalist paramilitaries.

They gathered in a remote, undisclosed location for talks with representatives from Iraq's Sunni and Shia communities.

The talks were arranged by Marti Ahtisaari, who has been involved in the Northern Ireland peace process.

Reportedly an agreement aimed at restoring peace between Iraq's warring factions has been reached.

Jeffrey Donaldson said the road map to peace had adopted principles of democracy and non-violence used in Northern Ireland.

Around 30 members of Iraq's Sunni and Shia communities attended the meetings.

Mr Donaldson said that the discussions had been very useful.  He added that an agreement was reached on the way forward between the parties and they are now going back to Iraq with these proposals.

The agreement reportedly incorporates the George Mitchell principles of democracy and non-violence that have been lifted from the Northern Ireland process.

A spokesman for Sinn Féin said the party has consistently sought to assist other peace processes in recent years with its experience of conflict resolution in Ireland.

A spokesman said the party welcomed that progress has been made over the past few days and the participants have agreed to a series of principles for moving forward peacefully in Iraq.