Bord Gáis has made its automated customer service telephone line available in Polish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese, claiming it is the first company in the UK and Ireland to do so.

The Interactive Voice Response service allows customers to make payments or view their account balance and payment history, see the date of their next bill and check if it is from a reading or an estimated amount.

The 24-hour line has been operating in English and Irish since last October.

The company says it decided to expand the service in response to the changing profile of customers in recent years given Ireland's net inward immigration.
Tracy Kennedy, Customer Service Manager at Bord Gáis Energy Supply, said the initiative represented an ongoing commitment by the company to recognising the diverse needs of its customers and responding to the needs of new and emerging communities.
Upon calling the service, customers will be asked to specify their preferred language  - Polish, Russian or Mandarin Chinese - using a touch tone telephone before proceeding through the instructions.

The 24-hour IVR service is available in English or Irish by calling 1850 632 632 and in Polish, Russian and Mandarin on 1850 633 633.
The company has also produced information leaflets about its services in the three languages.