The NUI Seanad election count has ended for the night with no candidate elected.

The count came to an end after Valerie Bresnihan asked for a recount just as she was about to be eliminated.

She was at that stage only 34 votes behind Brendan Ryan. The recount gets underway at 11am tomorrow.

Earlier, Fine Gael's Paul Coghlan was elected to the Seanad on the commercial and industrial panel. This brings to ten the number of Fine Gael senators elected.

Labour's Dominic Hannigan and Fianna Fáil's Marc MacSharry have also been elected to that panel.

However, former Junior Minister Ivor Callely's hopes of reviving his political career by getting elected to the Seanad look to have been dashed.

He received just 13 votes, which leaves him with little chance of winning a seat.

Currently Fianna Fáil is down two seats, which will dent the comfortable majority the Government has enjoyed in the Seanad up to now.

Two university graduates were also elected last night by Trinity College. They were Shane Ross and David Norris.