Broadcaster and mountaineer Ian McKeever has received a warm welcome at Dublin Airport following his return from setting a new world record for climbing the highest peaks on all seven continents.

Mr Keever said it was fantastic to be back on level ground and to be able to walk without feeling like falling over.

He said the high point of the trip was reaching the top of Aconcagua in South America, which was his first ever high altitude climb.

He said the low point was the snow blindness he sustained on Mount Everest.

Since 25 January, the 37-year-old from Wicklow has climbed over 42,000m on seven continents.

He scaled the final peak, Denali in Alaska, last week, setting a new world record for climbing all seven mountains in 155 days. The previous record of 187 days was held by Canadian David Griffith.

The final mountain involved three attempts due to bad weather. Mr McKeever's aim was to raise €140,000, €1 for every foot climbed, for the Irish Osteoporosis Society and Sophia Housing.

His father, Niall, said he was very proud of his son's achievement.

The mountains he conquered:

Credit: US National Park Service Denali in Alaska - 6,193m





Credit: NASAMount Vinson in Antarctica - 4,892m





Credit: Sergio Schmiegelow Aconcagua in Argentina - 6,962m





Credit: Yosemite Kilimanjaro in Tanzania - 5,895m





Credit: Alfindra Primaldhi Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia - 4,884m





Credit: Pavel Novak Everest in Nepal - 8,848m





Credit: Public DomainElbrus in Russia - 5,642m