Stranded Globespan passengers who made their own way home from New York to Ireland with other airlines will not be  compensated for the flight costs by the airline.  

Around 30 passengers stranded in New York since Thursday arrived in Shannon this morning on a Delta flight they paid for and booked themselves.  

Crawford Brankin, spokesperson for Globespan, said the company will only pay for alternative flights that it organises and not for flights bought and paid for by individuals.

Mr Brankin also said that two engineers from Globespan, along with two Boeing engineers flew to New York today to try to resolve the technical problems with the aircraft there. 

He said efforts are also continuing to source an alternative plane.

Globespan flight 201 from New York to Knock airport has been delayed indefinitely since last Thursday due to an 'engineering problem.'

A handful of the flight's 240 passengers arrived this morning after booking an alternative flight home through Delta Airlines at their own expense.

One of the group bought tickets for ten others on his credit card as they could not afford the cost themselves.

Passengers described how they were shunted from the airport to hotels and back again since Thursday evening and were given different reasons for repeated delays of the Globespan flight.

'This was a very unusual incident, which necessitated a complicated repair,' a statement by Globespan said.

It added: 'In normal circumstances, we could have sourced an alternative aircraft from our fleet, but events in Glasgow ruled that out.'

Globespan CEJM Photo courtesy: airliners.netThe 757-28A plane, G-CEJM, has a portrait of John Lennon on its tail (left) to mark the airline's flights in and out of Liverpool's John Lennon airport.

Another Globespan flight due into Knock yesterday morning, GSM 736 from Boston, was cancelled because of the terrorism threat in Glasgow.

The return leg of that flight (GSM 735A) has been delayed indefinitely.