An aircraft carrying 13 South Koreans, three Czechs and four crew from Cambodia's famed Angkor Wat temples crashed today 130km southwest of the capital, Phnom Penh.

Wreckage of the PMTair AN-24 plane was discovered in a remote stretch of mountains in the coastal province of Kampot.

The area is outside of mobile phone network coverage, so there is still no word about survivors.

The Kampot governor confirmed the crash and dispatched four ambulances to the crash site.

The flight took off from Siem Reap, the town just outside Cambodia's biggest tourist attraction, the 800 year-old temple complex Angkor Wat.

It was headed to the seaside resort community of Sihanoukville on a scheduled flight, a route re-opened earlier this year after a prolonged hiatus after Cambodia's civil war.

Cambodia attracted more than 1.7m tourists last year, most of them drawn to Angkor Wat.

The Soviet-made AN-24 has a history of problems. Last year, a flight carrying Slovak peacekeepers from Kosovo crashed in the mountains of Hungary. 43 people died.